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Carpet Cleaning Services in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. Hi, my name is Ian Harper and I hope I can be of service to you? I am a professional carpet cleaner. Below is what we think is the best carpet cleaning service in the local area. We put together everything that you need to not only to get your carpets looking like new again but, to keep them that way.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Please let me explain to you what different options you have when looking to have your carpets cleaned. Did you know that cleaning is a skill that anyone can do but is also a profession? Well when I tell people that I have City and guilds in cleaning science they are shocked first then, think that I am over qualified to clean carpets. It does sound posher than it is, its really the same level of certification that any professional tradesman would have. You can check my certification here.

Today its important to distinguish between cheap and professional cleaning services. Also that professional carpet is not code or marketing talk for expensive.

Clean Carpets

At the end of the day you are buying a clean carpet. and how you get their does not matter. Yes this is true, but you need to trust the person that providing the service. and trust should be earnt. and that’s what I am trying to start with here. I have provided you with my certifications and I would like to show you some of my results.

Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Reviews in the internet age have a lot of problems. First, there is being put on the spot when being asked to give one, then, can we really know the motivation behind strangers giving them, was they incentivised? Lets face it most people that are happy don’t post reviews. its only normally those that are unhappy that are motivated to write them.

Our answer is we take photos. you can check out what we call our carpet cleaning reviews here

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Carpet Cleaning Services

So, I could list all the items from the options of the carpet cleaning method and all the steps of our carpet cleaning process. But you expect a clean carpet at the end of that.

Well, we have something that is hard to find from other local carpet cleaners. Its our after care that comes included with our carpet clean services. The first thing that comes into most peoples mind it he trying to set me up to pay more money. sorry no. we put together this package because first, we want people to keep their carpets and not replace because they have to live with a stain. spillages happen over time. so how great would it be to not have to worry about that and knowing help is at hand?

You can read how some of our customers have benefitted from our carpet cleaning services here.

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