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A Guide From Your Local Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning 101

Carpet cleaning made simple. When you are looking to have your carpets cleaned, buy a carpet cleaner, or become a carpet cleaner. The choice is overwhelming. We don’t have the old way of choosing, comparing like for like. I think that we can if we approach the choice differently.

So, what does carpet cleaning do? it gives us a clean carpet. so right there is the answer. But you call up a professional carpet cleaner or you start to look to make your purchase for a carpet cleaner you can use yourself. for simplicity we going to talk about professional carpet cleaning from two points of view. First if you are looking to get into cleaning carpets as a business or trying to find a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets.

In both situations people will try and sell you on their favourite machine and method. here is the first difference and that is machine and method. its a mix and match situation that can give you great flexibility when cleaning carpets. This is key when buying machine because the right mix can you maximum choice of methods for cleaning.

Lets get started. Dirt or soil level is the main factor if the choice of machine and method. We have three groups of methods. Below is the three groups with the level of soil and the methods you can use for them.

So if you are using a professional carpet cleaner you can choose method and compare the price like for like. not what they want or are biased to use for what ever reason. Lets be clear “Hot Water Extraction ” is the most widely used machine and comes in a portable and van mounted.

Sales And Marketing.

You will hear lots of justification for the use of a type of machine or system and how its so much more effected than all the others. Now you know about choice and how its down to dirt levels this sort of sale talk is BS. You are buying a clean carpet how you get to that point does not matter. Carpet cleaners like everything else in life don’t want you have have that straight choice. but they don’t know that you know how to go about doing that.

What happens a lots is that many new carpet cleaning business owners find out on the training course after the have bought into a machine or system. only to realise that they need to spend more money. or the carpet cleaner with the portable machine can clean your carpet just as good as the guy with the van mounted one, for a lot cheaper because he does not have the overhead of a van mounted system.

So if you would like more detail on the methods follow this link to How To Clean Carpets or check out the features of our carpet cleaning services here.

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