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Carpet Cleaning Prices Near Me?

So, What are carpet cleaning prices near you? lets look at all the options.

1. The Cheapest Option
2. The Internet Price
3. The Value For Money Choice

A Guide From Your Local Carpet Cleaner

The Cheapest Option – Rug Doctor Hire

rug doctor price

You can hire a rug doctor for 24 hrs “From” £22.99 or 48 Hours “From” 28.99

Here is the guide on How To Hire A Rug Doctor and here is their main website Rug Doctor So, How easy is it to clean your own carpets? That really depend on the soil levels and what type of carpet stains you might have.

Why soil levels matter when choosing your carpet cleaner. As a professional carpet cleaner we are taught that you can group dirty carpets into three groups.

Hot water extraction is what rug doctor uses and is the most common carpet cleaning method.

Lets say you have light soil then hiring a rug doctor for a day will be fine. But, if you have heavy soiling then you are going to need to hire it for more than one day. Why? The detergent or carpet cleaning solutions you put into the rug doctor is to break down the soil in the carpet and then use the water to flush away that dirt. if your carpet has lots of dirt then you not going to be able to do this in one clean.

Why you might need to clean your carpet twice. because if you keep going over and over a heavily soiled carpet to will over soak it and it will take days to dry out and cause a really bad odour in your home. The reason you get the odour is bacteria. you just created the perfect environment for them to grow. By letting the carpet dry between cleans will stop this. why dont professional carpet cleaner have this problem? its down to the power of their carpet cleaning machines.

Carpet Stains

Simply put, you have two types of carpet stains. First is the type that add substance to the carpet. these can be removed with a selection of carpet stain removers. its important to note that no one stain remover will remove everything in this group given the many types of spillages we have in our homes.

rust 1
What Happen When You Put Sofas Back On Wet Carpets. We Removed It For Them

Second, this group should not even be called stain removal and instead called restoration as these type of carpet stains require correction and a professional carpet cleaner. They also come with risk in the removal process and cant be guan teed to be removed.

What types of carpet stain are in this second group. Drinks mainly, but make-up comes a close second.

In Summary, if you have light soiled carpets and not spots or stains then rug doctors are a great option. one last point is on cost. Like most things these day the price you see is not the price you pay and rug doctor has lot on add-ons that you need. your looking at twice the day hire cost when all said and done.

Carpet Cleaning Prices And The Internet.

The internet can save us lots of money and in true economic terms is the invisible hand at work. But, all business have had to get clever on how they price goods and service. or we would just have one of everything. carpet cleaning is not any different.

The name of the game with internet prices is confusion. if you confuse the customer then they cant make a direct compassion. So how do carpet cleaners do this?

High price carpet cleaners on the internet. these are mainly franchises that market to people that value trust and brand. if you are in this group you know your reasons for using this type of price range. its very safe

The mid price carpet cleaners. these are normally self employed carpet cleaners trying to make living using the internet. its hard for these guys as all around them they have the low priced carpet cleaners. Google really makes it hard for them as the two options are build a website and we will decide if we put you on the first page or pay us and we put you at the top of the page. most pay google but this will add the the cost of your carpet clean.

Lastly, the low price carpet cleaners. this is where you have to take care. They use lots of little tricks to increase the price. mostly you just need to look out for minimum price (normally £50) and make sure that they are members of our trade body NCCA. To be a member they must have insurance and passed some kind of basic training.

The Value For Money Carpet Cleaning Choice


That would be me! Why? well my pitch is quite long and you can read it here Ian Harper Carpet Cleaner. short version, I am certified by city and guilds in cleaning science. and after I clean you carpet i give you a bottle of carpet stain remover that has free refills for life, a bottle of febreze (sorry no lifetime refill) and one voucher that entitles you to a no charge callout for any spillage that you have that the you need help with that on any carpet we have cleaned for you.

We think that our service gives you the maximum amount of value for your money. you might be thinking that’s got to cost a lot? well no, Because all of those things have low cost and value to us but high value and no cost to you. we think that’s a win, win for both of us.

Give Tina my wife a call. I am biased but she really lovely and will not pressure you at all. just answer any questions you have and one added bonus is that if you not want to use us but just get a price she will send you a free bottle of our stain remover just for asking for a price. Contact Us

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