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Carpet Cleaning Services in Essex. Hi, my name is Ian Harper and I hope I can be of service to you? I am a professional carpet cleaner. Below is what we think is the best carpet cleaning service in the local area. We put together everything that you need to not only to get your carpets looking like new again but, to keep them that way with our carpet stain prevention

Home Carpet Cleaning

Looking to having your carpets cleaned? Have you phoned a few and are more confused now than before you started looking for a carpet cleaner?

We can put your mind at rest. Every carpet cleaner has their favourite way to clean a carpet and will try and sell you on the benefits of that carpet cleaning method. Which one is best? depends on the carpets soil level but they all will result in a clean carpet. even the methods that are most effective on light soil will clean heavy soiled it will just take a lot longer, and with more attempts. Match the right carpet cleaning method with the right soil conditions and you have the best carpet cleaning method.

If you are interest in soil and carpet cleaning match up. Our How To Clean Carpets page will Interest you.

Upholstery Cleaning

Do you know that there is 10 different way to clean upholstery ? They are 3 groups, Preventive, Corrective, and Salvage. Why is this relevant? because it will affect cost of cleaning and what results you can expect.

You can look at it this way. Each group related to how long between cleans and the level of soiling. So, light, medium and heavy. this links in with what you can expect from the sofa clean. This is important for you as soil can hide wear and tear when you remove that soil all that wear become visible. This can be shocking to some people when they realise that they now have a clean old looking sofa.

Fabrics wear at different rates. Man made tend to stand the test of time. where say cotton, will wear fast under heavy soil conditions.

Area Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs are a real pleasure to walk on in any home. The feel and warmth of wool is amazing. Have you ever washed a 100% wool jumper and it came out the washing machine stiff and felt hard? Its the same if you clean a wool rug the wrong way.

Discover all the information on the best way to clean wool rugs on our rug cleaning site.

Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning

carpet disinfectant safe for babies
safe carpet cleaning

We Clean More Than Just The Visible Dirt!

we always treat your carpets with Micro Kill after cleaning it, so its does not only look clean but is hygienically clean. We where way ahead of the curve on hygiene cleaning. My certification in cleaning science taught me that cleaning was more than just visible dirt. The white paper that we quote below shows how people have the wrong information about germs. And that was before COVID-19. I have and use other white papers to encourage people to care about germs in their homes and not to scare them like the newspapers have done over the years. Its done to advise not to preach.

deep clean carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning services

Pet Friendly Carpet Clean

Hi pet owner, The main consideration when cleaning a carpet for a pet owners it to ensure that you don’t leave any cleaning residue behind. many years ago this was a massive issue due to the main ingredients in some carpet cleaning products. This was a problem because of how pets clean themselves and being in contact with the carpet most of the time. Not anymore as things have moved on. but residue can still be a problem depending on the carpet cleaning method used. Luckily the main method in use is hot water extraction which will not leave any residue behind if use correctly.

End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

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If your moving in or out of your home then our “The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each One Becomes” deal is a perfect fit for you. One really important thing with us is that if you are looking to get your deposit back we can come before the clean and have a look at any stains or problem that you might be worried about. We will give you our honest option on any stains.

No one can guarantee to remove all types of stains. we will tell you what are the chances of removal, and the risk involved. Then you can decide if you want to have that carpet cleaned or have a chat with estate agent or landlord. There is no point in you wasting money.

You will be amazed as to what does come out when cleaning carpets. just have a look and the link below from our past customer examples. From experience I can tell you that some landlords don’t care but others have no intention of returning the deposit no matter how clean the carpets are. That’s me just be honest with you, our charges are very competitive. customers in the past that have had to face the situation of a stain that cant be removed are willing to risk the cost of the clean. I will add that our guarantee is that we will return a second time and clean any carpet you are not happy with for free.

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Four Reasons Why You Will Love Our Carpet Stain Remover

  1. Free With Every Carpet Cleaning Quote
  2. Stain Prevention Is More Effective Than Stain Removal
  3. Its Formula Is Different To Any Stain Remover You Can Buy In A Supermarket
  4. The Magic Of Our Carpet Stain Remover.

Bonus Reason If you book us to clean your carpets then the free bottle upgrades to free refills for life. Full Details Here

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