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Steam Carpet Cleaning Is A Misnomer.

A Guide From Your Local Carpet Cleaner

You get steam vapor when you pass really hot water thought a jet nozzle.

This is what we call in carpet cleaning a carpet wand. it goes on the end of two hoses that comes from the carpet cleaner. one small hose sends the hot clean water and a larger one recovers the dirty water. Its the hose that send the clean water is the one that we are interested here.

Its these jets that creates the pressure for the hot water. the holes are tiny pin sized that will also spread the jet of hot water out into a fan shape. the force of this hot water being pushed thought this tiny pin hole will cause some of that water to atomize and look like steam. depending on the temperature of the room of the carpets being clean can cause more steam.

So, in the early days of carpet cleaning this steam was seen as a way to market carpet cleaning. it gives the impression of hygiene and sterilization. for steam to sterilise it must be contact with the surface for some time. Health care supplies have to be contact for 30 minutes at 121 degrees C

Even today we have a marketing problem with van mounted carpet cleaners that do produce very high temperatures being use as marketing for hygiene. and really the real reason is that because these van mounted carpet cleaning machines are used to work a long distance away from the van you need to heat the water up that high so that when it finally reaches the carpet its still hot.

Carpet Steam Cleaners Today.

So we all seen those commercials for a steam cleaner that can clean just about everything. Problem with them as far as dirty carpets is that the dirt is removed by a microfiber cloth that on the end of it. how many of those do you think you will need to clean a real life dirty carpet? One of the reason modern carpet cleaners have big tanks of water is to flush the dirt out of the carpet.


Hot water is a part of the cleaning process. that’s why the most widely used machine is called “Hot Water Extraction” There are many methods to clean a carpet The choice is really about how much carpet you have to clean and the soil levels of that carpet. Many, many domestic carpet cleaners are sold in the UK every year and those people are very happy with their purchase. My advice is, just don’t let you carpet look dirty before you clean it yourself or use a professional carpet cleaner.

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