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Discover The Best Value Carpet Cleaning In Southend On Sea

Hi, my name is Ian Harper and thank you for finding our little corner of the web for “Local Carpet Cleaner” in southend on sea. Are you a ninja price hunter?🥷 looking for a deal, or the best value carpet cleaning?

Our carpet cleaning services are very different to other carpet cleaners. The big difference is how we provide the best deal and give you great value for your money. How do we do this? We have come up with a great idea called Stain Prevention It comes with any carpet we clean, its like free after care

The Biggest Myth In Carpet CleaningHigh Price, High Quality, Low Price Low Quality. So how can we provide the best quality and value for money? to you

What we give to you, the cost to us is very low, but the value to you is high. As I said our carpet cleaning services are very, very different to other local carpet cleaners. Because we give you free after care and are still no more expensive that the average price. 😲

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The Truth About Carpet Cleaning Prices

The internet has pushed carpet cleaning prices low. Business like utilities have dealt with this by trying to confuse us with options so we can’t make a direct comparison.

We think that there is another way and that’s to add value. The rush to be the lowest priced carpet cleaner can mean that the service you receive can be what we call “splash and dash”💦 to poorly trained carpet cleaners.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners And The Others!

So, all professional carpet cleaners will have membership of our trade body. This ensures you have your carpet cleaned by someone that’s had basic training and has the right type of insurance.

What’s Included In Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

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  1. Free Bottle Of Carpet Stain Remover. Free Refills For Life (1 of 3 Stain Prevention FREE) ✅
  2. Carpet Callout Voucher. Valid For One Year. Renewed Each Year For Free (2 of 3 Stain Prevention FREE) ✅
  3. Free Bottle Of Febreze (3 of 3 Stain Prevention FREE) ✅
  4. Honest Pricing. ✅
  5. City & Guilds Certified Cleaning Science
  6. Polite Response When Calling From Tina
  7. Trade Body Members
  8. The Right Type Of Insurance ✅
  9. 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅
  10. No Fake Reviews

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Bonus! The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each One Becomes

I would like to introduce you to my lovely wife Tina. If you have any questions then she has the time to answer them. We operate a no pressure or stings attached. so no pressure, hooks, catches with us. we cover most of Essex and we don’t charge for distance.

Four Reasons Why You Will Love Our Carpet Stain Remover

  1. Free With Every Carpet Cleaning Quote 🆓
  2. Stain Prevention Is More Effective Than Stain Removal 🧠
  3. Its Formula Is Different To Any Stain Remover You Can Buy In A Supermarket 🛒
  4. The Magic Of Our Carpet Stain Remover. no returning stains

Bonus Reason If you book us to clean your carpets then the free bottle upgrades to free refills for life. Full Details Here

Just Call Tina For Your Carpet Cleaning Quote. (No strings or Pressure)

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