Retired? Save Money When Having Your Carpets Cleaned”

Why Is It The Best Deal For Over People Over 60 Years Old On Fixed Incomes?
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The Problem With Carpet Cleaning When You Are Retired

There’s no getting away from the fact that deep carpet cleaning your home is a big task if you are retired. Moving Furniture and preparing for carpet cleaning is the main obstacle.

Plus, The cost of maintaining your home so you can avoid any expensive expenditure when you are on a fixed income is a major consideration.

The Answer

Highlight carpet cleaning is a periodical carpet clean that you would normally have between deep carpet cleans. Is the same process as deep carpet cleaning but you just have the open areas or traffic lanes cleaned.

So you don’t have to move heavy furniture or beds. Only having to move small objects.

Open areas or traffic lines are where really all the dirt is on a carpet.

highlight carpet cleans

5 Benefits To Hight Carpet Cleans

  1. Low Price, because it takes less time to clean the visible part of a carpet you save money. If you are on a fixed income and retired you can also benefit from a cost effect pricing “The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each One Becomes”
  2. Hassel Free. It can be a massive task moving or emptying items so they can be moved by the carpet cleaner. This method removes this problem.
  3. Spillages. For every carpet we clean you are covered by our stain prevention program that renews every year for FREE. More Here
  4. Never need a deep carpet clean again. you can replace deep carpet cleans with a highlight carpet clean. It’s recommended to have your carpet cleaned once a year. Most people go two or three years depending on foot traffic. if you have light usage like in bedrooms, this type of carpet cleaning makes more sense. as you can have more carpets cleaned for the price of just one deep clean.
  5. Clean for health and not just visible dirt. We all know how bacteria and viruses get passed around like MRSA and norovirus. Home hygiene is so important. If you would like more information this white paper “Developing and promoting hygiene in home and everyday life to meet 21st Century needs is a must read.
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