How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost? Depends on the type of carpet cleaner you use but the cost can be from £10 with a catch and £120 with VAT

That’s a big gap? well it boils down to the type of business you use. unskilled, risky, to franchises. with independent self employed in the middle.

But where is the value for money? its with the independents they have the most efficient costs and can offer you the best value for money. they will want not only your business but recommendation and unlike the low cost carpet cleaner care about their repetition. Franchises just position themselves as the high cost safe choice.

Where is the line between lost cost and middle price? That’s easy as you will see when looking at the marketing. The low cost will have a low cost per room but with a minimum change in the small print.

The sweet spot with carpet cleaning cost is the ability for you to nominate. low price guys will be trying to get you to spend more. franchises will be fixed because of their overheads.

When looking at the independents carpet cleaners look for the National Carpet Cleaners Association logo. each member has done basic training and has the right type of insurance.

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Check our how we are able to provide great vale for money with our local carpet cleaning service’s What we offer looks like it would cost you more, but it does not, and the reason is that the cost is low for us to provide our customers with these extras but has high value to them.

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