Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

The reason medium and high soiled carpets need more powerfull machines is because the larger amounts of water needed to flush that dirt out of the carpet. The carpet cleaner needs a pump that can deliver that amount of water and then the vacuum power to recover it.

Failing to deliver the right amount of water will leave the carpet still dirty. and not having the power to recover that water will leave the carpet soaking wet. Wet carpets can take days to dry out with the side effect of bacteria growing and causing a really bad odour. So with medium plus soil levels in a carpet its totally worth getting carpets professionally cleaned.

You can work around this problem if you really want to clean your own carpets. it just means clean once (not over wetting) and letting dry out then repeating the process until the carpet is clean.

In all honesty you can get your carpets cleaned at not much more that it cost to hire a machine. just make sure they are member of our association. that way they have basic training and the right insurance.

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With regards buying a machine. That can work out very expensive if you use it the once and discover how much hard work it is. I see carpet cleaning machines sitting in peoples utility rooms when I clean their carpets. some look like they are just out of the box. We have been thinking about buying these carpet cleaners and offering them out cheaply to people just to demonstrate what we are saying here.

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