professional carpet cleaning near me prices

professional carpet cleaning near me prices – So the definition for professional is “relating to or belonging to a profession.” Its really an outdated concept now and was really introduced to control the entry into that profession so as not to lower their wages.

The professional idea was sold to the customers as being safe option and in many professions this is true like medicine. With some professions there is more than one certification. In cleaning we have The British Institute Of Cleaning Science. This is the body that I chose when I did my training and they awarded me a certification by city and guilds in cleaning science. most professional cleaning contract mangers will belong to BICSc

city and guilds logo
city and guilds logo

Next, is the National Carpet Cleaners Association. (NCCA) This is the one you need to look out for if you are looking for professional carpet cleaners near you.

professional carpet cleaners near me

So what is the benefit of using a National Carpet Cleaners Association. you can be sure that they have done some basic training and hold the right type of insurance. click on the link and you will be able to search for members near you.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Prices

How cheap can carpet cleaning prices really be? well if we look at what it takes to hire a say a Rug Doctor then thats about £22 a day plus some extra cleaning solutions you will need so lets say about £30

Next, we have internet carpet cleaning prices. this is the wild west of carpet cleaning. you will see prices as low as £9.95 a room. But that’s not the price you will pay. as if you read the small print it will say minimum order of £50

Now we are at the starting point for professional carpet cleaners. you can expect to pay from £50 up to £100 for minimum charge. What you get for that basic price will differ. say a professional carpet cleaner that’s a franchise owner or one that earns over the VAT line will be likely only giving you one room for £100

Is it worth paying £100 for one room from a carpet cleaning franchise. Yes because, many people do. these people see the safety that they are looking for using a franchise.

But, you don’t have to pay £100 for a room of carpet cleaning. Because, their are many self employed carpet cleaners that will provide you with more value for your money.

Like, Ian Harper Carpet Cleaner you can find our all about how we provide value to our customers here. and my professional cleaning certifications here

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