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Welcome To Our Dog Poop & Urine Clean Up Guide

Pet Clean Up Guide The Guide That Gives You The Treatments To Keep Your Carpets Pet Dog Poop Accident Free.

Pet Clean Up Guide

A Guide From Your Local Carpet Cleaner

Dry Accidents. When your pet’s accidents dry then the chances of removal become less. That’s why you need to tackle then while they are wet. Blood urine and vomit can cause permanent damage to your carpets and sofa

Odours One major reason that odour remain even after you have cleaned up is that you tend to just clean the surface of the carpet and the contamination is now on the backing and sub floor. In the old day this would have meant pulling the carpet back treating the backing and sub-floor. Now days this can be done much easier by the professional that has the right type of equipment.

One massive reason for dealing with this deep-down problem is that from your pet point of view they have marked that area and will return to that spot.

As The Old Boy Scot Motto Goes “Be Prepared”

Having products and equipment on hand will aid in any clean up reducing the chances of permanent damage and dealing with odours. Don t let your products get low as with any accidents they tend to happen at the wrong times. When you’re just rushing out the door and don’t have time to replenish them.

It’s worth paying out for a range of products for any type of accident most pet shops have a product for each type you might face. Ask other pet owners what products they use as quality varies and price sometimes can be relied on for judging quality.

Here are a few

Clean + Green For Dogs Natures miracle stain & odour removers Odorzyme By Bissell Resolve stain remover for pet’s simple solutions pet stain & odour remover spot shot instant carpet stain and odour eliminator

White vinegar mixed 50% 50 % with water will clean and deodorize urine. And its also great for tea and coffee spills so always have some on hand.


Urine has to be the most troublesome pet problem because if you don’t deal with it while its wet it can become a stain that your pet will return to that same spot and make it again.

If you pet suddenly starts to have issues around the house, then you may need to seek the advice of a vet.

The odour of urine can be reactivated after its dry s if it gets wet again from any source. It does not have to be large amount of moisture just small amount in the air can set it off again.

Vets and experts recommend that your pet is allowed to pee every eight to ten hours. A puppy it’s about four hours max.

The absolute best way to train your dog is to use the word “Toilet” when your dog pee’s and when training a reward after. This way when they have a accident and don’t get the reward they know that its bad.

When cleaning up after an accident you need to focus on the odour. This is where your preparation comes in. having products around the home will save a repeat problem.

Here are some tips

1. never scrub always dab. Absorption is key scrubbing will “FUZZ” the carpet. 2. Always test any product in a place on the carpet that out of the way to check it does

not cause the carpet colour to run. 3. Always rinse the area so you don’t leave any residue behind that will attract dirt. 4. Soak up as much as you can with paper towels. 5. Don’t use hot water, it will set the stain 6. Allow to dry and if the odour remains use more product

If you have a odour from an old accident call a professional carpet cleaner they will have the tool and products to get at the backing, underlay and sub-floor where the odour is. No amount of surface cleaning will remove a dried in accident.


You may have thought that urine was a issue and dog poop is easy as you can see it. Well it’s what you can’t see with poop. Pathogens (disease causing organisms) these can affect us as well. Below are are some that poop caries.

Cryptosporidium This nasty little bug causes gastrointestinal illness and can be inside you for up to two weeks in healthy people. Its fatal for humans with a weakened immune system.

Giardia Lamblia This bug can get in the water system and is the cause of most of the water infections. Symptoms include diarrhea, cramps, bloating, weight loss, fever.

Salmonella This one is the major food related illness and get passed around. Symptoms are, diarrhea, cramps, nausea, fever, chills, vomiting.

E.coli We carry this bug around with us but some strains can cause illness and even death.

Other parasites bugs are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

One major item of advice id don’t let children play in the same area your dog use as a toilet. Clean these areas to a high standard. You have to come into contact with these bugs so not worries just be aware.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and the protection we can provide for you against a very wide range of bugs.

Protecting your family

1. Clean up accidents and use the right products for the job to disinfect the area. I can’t stress how important it is to use the right product designed for dog poop. Bugs are resistant to some products.

2. Clean and disinfect your dog’s toilet area.

3. Dump the faeces in the right way.

4. Wash your hands after dealing with anything related to dog poop

5. Get your dog to the vet regular for check-ups.

Dog Poop Clean Up

1. Pick up the hard stuff 2. Place in plastic bag 3. Apply pet based clean up product to the area 4. Dispose of the waste in the right way 5. If odour remains reapply some product

If its Diarrhoea, then work from the outside in with paper towels. A nose peg and rubber gloves are recommended. Not rub only dab as you don’t want to damage the carpet.

Where Can You Dispose Of Dog Waste?

1. Flush it 2. Bury It. You can get bins that you dig into the ground that have lids that work great.


One last note on vomit, Clean-up is the same as poop. My advice is always visit the vet with your pet as this is a sign all is not right.

For all clean ups we recommend using Micro Kill

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