Stain Prevention vs Stain Protection.
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A Guide From Your Local Carpet Cleaner

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Hi my name is Ian Harper. I am a professional carpet cleaner in Essex, UK. I would like to present you a great video on removing the top 5 most commons stains you get on carpets.

This video is presented by Melissa Maker and her husband Chad. it’s from their YouTube channel “Clean My Space” I have no connection with Melissa and do not receive any payment from her. She is incredibly good at what she does. I am just a carpet cleaner not a professional presenter or video maker, my job is to find and curate the best carpet cleaning videos for you.

  • 02:14 Pet Urine Stains
  • 03:55 Coffee Stains
  • 06:12 Blood Stains
  • 07:57 Red Wine Stains
  • 08:57 Gum Removal

Professional Carpet Cleaner.

Cleaning is one of those things in life that we all can do, But you would be surprised to learn that its very technical. As an example I studied cleaning science and was certified by city and guilds. This certification is equal to any other trade.

Stain Removal From Carpets.

Its been my experience. That people don’t appreciate cleaning up any spillage while its still wet. Will prevent moving to restoration of the carpet. which has a much higher risk, and lower chance of removing any dry stain.

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